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GED Testing

  • GED testing will soon be offered at UHS. For more information, please contact (Mrs. Bissonette)

High School Students

Diploma Requirements

College Testing

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

The SAT measures your verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities.You can register online for the SAT at the College Board's website: Not all tests may be available within our area; be sure to check their website for availability.

ACT - American College Testing Assessment

The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) is a standardized test used for college entrance. Some schools require the SAT, while others require the ACT. The ACT compares the preparation and ability of college applicants from different backgrounds and helps to predict first-year college academic performance.

You can register online for the test at the ACT website. Not all tests may be available within our area. Please be sure to check at their website for availability.

PSAT/NMSQT - Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

This is a preliminary SAT which is given only once a year in October. It is the qualifying test for the National Merit Program.

The purpose of the PSAT is to prepare students for the SAT. Like the SAT, the PSAT is a multiple-choice test that attempts to compare the preparation and ability of college applicants from different backgrounds by measuring their verbal and math ability. Questions on the PSAT include the same types as those on the SAT -- sentence completions, analogies, critical reading, discrete quantitative, quantitative comparisons, and student-produced questions. In addition to those questions, the PSAT includes a Writing Skills section.

Eastern Promise

Logo: Eastern PromiseDid you know that you may be able to earn College Credit while still in High School?

Eastern Promise is a unique collaboration between our local colleges and school districts within Eastern Oregon. Students who participate in college-level courses can earn credit or certificates while still in high school, which equates to real financial savings for families.


Financial Aid