Summer Brought Progress to Bond Projects

construction at clara brownell middle school

The Umatilla School District has been making progress on its bond projects all summer. Here is a list of projects and their progress at McNary Heights Elementary (MHES), Clara Brownell Middle School (CBMS) and Umatilla High School (UHS):

  • Roof replacements at MHES (COMPLETED), CBMS (in progress) and Umatilla High (COMPLETED)
  • Entry and office remodeling to limit visitor/intruder access at MHES, CBMS and UHS ( in progress at all three)
  • Security updates including cameras and electronic alarms and lock-down assistance at MHES, CBMS and UHS (in progress at all three)
  • Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, window, flooring, and bleacher replacement at CBMS (in progress)
  • Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose and learning space addition at MHES ( in progress)
  • HVAC DDC controls at MHES, CBMS and UHS (in progress)
  • A cooling tower replacement for UHS (final phase work; not yet started)

Umatilla School District Superintendent Heidi Sipe said, “We're thrilled to watch the schools transform throughout the summer. Work crews have been dedicated and committed to quality, on-time work and we're thankful for all they're doing -- despite the heat -- to stay on track.”

Sipe said schools will continue to be under construction throughout the coming school year, but the district is on track for the modified opening they had planned. “We look forward to students having the opportunity to see their schools change a bit each day as we wrap up throughout the year to come,” she said.

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