2016 Capital Improvement Bond

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Basic information about the Umatilla School District bond is available in the bond summaries:

Bond Summary - English (PDF)
Bond Summary - Spanish (PDF)

Construction Continues in Coming Months (September 2018)

As the 2018-19 school year begins, we want to ensure students and families are aware of construction plans in the next few months.
Here are the September Bond updates:
September Update -- English (PDF)
September Update -- Spanish (PDF)

Bond Work Progressed During Summer (August 2018)

Read the article about bond project progress at all three schools this summer. Read the article here.

Bond Work Continues at Clara Brownell (June 2018)iomg-demo-cbms.jpg

Demolition work is in full swing at Clara Brownell Middle School as bond projects progress -- photos can be viewed on the District Facebook Page. The new roof on the school was started in April. This summer will be a very busy time for mprovements at all district schools as part of the bond.

Update: Bonds Sold at a Premium (March 2017)

On January 27, the Umatilla School District sold its 2017 General Obligation Bonds at a premium due to strong demand in the market. Consequently, the net proceeds of the bonds, estimated at $10.2 million, actually came to $10.8 million, so the district realized an additional $600,000 in in project funds with the same $10.5 million cost to taxpayers.

Also, the rate on the bonds was more favorable than anticipated, meaning taxpayers will now pay an estimated $2.77 per $1000 of assessed value when bond payments begin instead of the originally estimated $3.13 per $1000 of assessed value. The rate will still begin after the current Umatilla High School bond is fulfilled in 2023 and will continue until 2035.

Read the entire article here.

Update (February 2017)

Our project management request for proposals closes at the end of this month. Following project manager selection, construction steps will proceed rapidly on roof projects, and community input on design of other projects will begin in March. If you're interested in participating in the design process, please email Superintendent Sipe at sipehatumatillasd.org.

Bond passes! (November 2016)

On November 8, 2016, Umatilla voters approved Bond Measure 30-115. The $10.5 million bond will be matched by a $4 million state grant, for a total of $14.5 million for improvments at all three schools.

"The Umatilla School District thanks our community’s voters for approving the district bond measure, which makes possible important upgrades to all of our schools and improved education for all of our students," said Heidi Sipe, Superintendent of the Umatilla School District.

Selene's Story: Read one Umatilla graduate's story of success through Umatilla schools and how she is giving back during the current bond process

Summary (September 2016)

The Umatilla School District has placed a Bond Measure 30-115 on the November 8, 2016, ballot asking voters to approve a $10.5 million bond. If voters pass the bond, the district will be awarded a $4 million grant from the Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching Program (OSCIM), for a total of $14.5 million for district projects.

While the district has worked to maintain its facilities, major system updates are necessary and cannot be completed without significant funding. Earlier this year, the school district contracted with the Wenaha Group to conduct a full facility study of all district buildings and to develop a long-term facility plan. The results of the study showed:

  • McNary Heights (MHES) is in need of a new roof, updated HVAC systems and controls and additional cafeteria/gym space. MHES currently runs just under 700 students through a single cafeteria two times per day to provide breakfast and lunch services.
  • A recent facility study showed that Clara Brownell Middle School (CBMS), built in 1947, is structurally sound but in need of a full remodel. The boiler from 1947 is still in operation but has frequent failures and has resulted in the cancelation of school due to lack of heat or plumbing on numerous occasions.
  • Umatilla High School (UHS) continues to be the flagship building for the district and replacing the roof and updating the HVAC systems and controls allows it to remain in top order for the years to come.
  • All three schools present significant safety concerns due to entrances and offices which allow full access to the entire building.

The Wenaha Group study is available for review at the school district office.

If the bond is approved by voters, funds would provide additional space, remodel existing entrances to improve school security and provide for major maintenance projects at all three district schools: McNary Heights Elementary (MHES), Clara Brownell Middle School (CBMS) and Umatilla High School (UHS). Projects are:

The public is invited to Bond Information Meetings and tours of the school buildings at 7 PM at Clara Brownell Middle School every Tuesday evening in September.

“We want to give our community many opportunities to learn all they can about our current school facilities and what the bond can accomplish, if it passes. We are excited to share our vision and plans,” said Heidi Sipe, superintendent of the Umatilla School District.

For more information about the bond, please contact the district office at 541-922-6500.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was this plan developed?

A full facility review was conducted by the Wenaha Group to assess facility needs and create a long-term facility plan for the District. The facility study is available at the District Office.

How will the public be informed of the progress?

Should the bond pass, the Umatilla School District would report progress on bond projects monthly to citizens as part of the regular school board meetings and would also provide periodic mailings with construction and renovation updates.

What are the detailed costs?

The Umatilla School District projects will total $14.5 million. If the $10.5 million bond measure is approved, the District would be awarded $4,000,000 from the state in Oregon School Facility Matching dollars to off-set costs.

If passed by voters, what will the bond cost?

The current bonds (used to construct Umatilla High School) are fully paid in 2023. The new bonds are estimated to continue the same tax rate of the current bonds (an estimated $3.133 per $1,000 of assessed value in 2023) until 2035. It is estimated that the average home-owner, who owns a house assessed at $150,000, would not see any increase of taxes for this measure in the coming year should the bond pass.